SetStatus not working for SCORM 1.2 completion - Storyline 3 HTML5

Jul 10, 2018

Hi, I have a course with branching and no assessment. I need to send the completion status to the LMS at the end of each branch to mark the course complete. In Storyline 2 I was able to do this by using JavaScript  SetStatus(“completed”).

However, it seems that SetStatus("completed"); is not working for my SCORM 1.2 courses when using HTML5 output. The completion status remains incomplete after the JavaScript trigger has been executed.

I checked the release notes and saw there was a fix for this for Storyline 360 back in February. Will this fix also be implemented in Storyline 3? I checked the release notes but did not see it listed. Unfortunately my company restricts the use of cloud based software because of proprietary data security issues so using Storyline 360 is not an option.  Any updates or workarounds for Storyline 3 you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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Russell Amundsen

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for the quick reply. The link you provided is for Storyline 360 & HTML5. My issue is with Storyline 3. The issue I am asking about is using the "SetStatus" which was able to be accomplished in Storyline 2 using JavaScript but is not able to be used in Storyline 3. I see this feature is now incorporated in Storyline 360 as a course completion trigger. Are you stating that this feature will not be included  in Storyline 3?

I see this as a major issue for creating a branching course for HTML5 that does not have an assessment because you now have no way to send a completion status to the LMS based on the branch being completed.

Can you please provide guidance on how i should set this up in Storyline 3 so I can send a completions status to the LMS based on the branch completed?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Russell,

Yes, you mentioned the solution for Storyline 360 and I was trying to bridge the gap for you on that. The course completion trigger is not a feature of Storyline 3.

We do still have the SetStatus issue open with our team for Storyline 3. I've added this conversation to the report so that we can update you here when we can.

I appreciate you sharing your scenario and the solution that you are looking for so that we can help you out here.

I would advise submitting your course completion on a specific slide. Check out our documentation here on how to set that up.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sameer,

If you're using a quiz, have you added in a Results slide? That will submit the completion to your  Learning Management System (LMS). If that's not working, we'll need a bit more information: 

  • What version/update of Storyline are you using? 
  • What settings did you enable for LMS publishing, reporting/tracking? 
  • What LMS are you using? 
  • Have you tested it anywhere else, such as SCORM Cloud? 

Let me know and we'll continue troubleshooting from there!