SetStatus not working for SCORM 1.2 completion - Storyline 360 HTML5 Output

Mar 20, 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of upgrading some courses to Storyline 360 to utilize the HTML5 improvements. Due to the complexity of certain courses, we've found that the best method of setting course completion on LMS has been using JavaScript via SetStatus("completed");

However, it seems that SetStatus("completed"); is not working for my SCORM 1.2 courses on SCORM Cloud when using HTML5 output. The completion status remains incomplete after the JavaScript trigger has been executed.

I tried it again using the Flash output and it worked correctly. Once the trigger was executed, the course was properly marked as completed.

In my past experience, SetStatus worked well for both Flash and HTML5 with Storyline 2, so this seems to be specific to Storyline 360.

Does anyone have more information on this issue, and perhaps a workaround to get it working correctly for HTML5?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out here!  It's been logged as a possible software bug. 

From here, I’ll meet with my team to take a closer look so we can determine next steps.

Depending on priority and risk, some bugs can be fixed quickly, while others take longer to resolve. Here's more information on how we identify and tackle bugs: 

I’ll let you know as soon as we have an update on this issue. Thanks so much again for letting us know about this, and I’m sorry if it’s slowing you down.

Matt Leo

Hi Ashley and Leslie,

Has any progress been made on this? I emailed back and forth with one of your engineers in April and have not heard anything since.

This was a very useful feature in the older versions of Storyline, and it's quite a pain to work around this for every one of our Storyline 360 courses.

Please fix ASAP.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Emilee.  Were you using the JavaScript method for setting completion successfully in an LMS environment, or in Articulate Online, in the past?

I don't have any news yet about this functionality in Articulate 360, but I wanted to get some clarification from you on how you were using it previously.  Thanks!

Emilee Coe

Hi Crystal,

We were previously using this on Adobe Captivate Prime (with Storyline 2) and it was working great. We then moved to a new LMS, SuccessFactors, around the same time we started using Storyline 360 and now the JavaScript method is no longer working. The learners are still marked as incomplete after they reach the slide with the JavaScript trigger. 

We were testing it on Articulate Online to see if it was an issue with the LMS or the actual module, since we are still getting used to using SuccessFactors. 

The module that I am working with has 73 slides, but there are 4 different branches the learner can choose to go down. As a work around, we are having the module be marked complete when they complete 25 out of the 73 slides, which would be the shortest route. This isn't ideal and will work for this particular module, however, we will need JavaScript (or similar feature, suggestions?) for future modules. 


Thank you! 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

No update on our side - the issue with the JS Code is that it was relying on undisclosed variables in Storyline 2 (a bit of a hack into the published output). As a part of our move to Articulate 360 and knowing that folks need HTML5 first we rewrote the entire publishing engine. That's what's causing the "break".

Our team is looking at what variables and elements folks were using, and how can we build that feature back into Storyline. That'll help as then you won't have to create these hacks! 

We'll let folks know when those things are ready, and if you have other ideas of things that you'd like to see included don't hesitate to let us know! We do get lots of requests and ideas here in the forums and also through our feature request form

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Franz! You can open Storyline 2 files with Storyline 360, but not the other way around. Since Storyline 360 contains so many new features and upgrades, it's not backwards compatible with Storyline 2. 

If you opened a Storyline 2 file with Storyline 360, a backup version of the Storyline 2 file should be available if you need to open the file with Storyline 2 in the future. 

Bart Schutte

This is also an issue for us as, like everyone else, we are migrating our courses to HTML5.  We are using SL3 not 360.  Again, the issue is not with the java script per se, but with the javascript under HTML5.  To test this, you need to generate the module in HTML mode only, no flash fall back, and then test it in a browser with flash disabled.  

I've attached a test module  that uses various attempts at setting the module to complete : 

  • lmsAPI.SCORM_SetCompleted();
  • SetStatus("completed");
  • lmsAPI.SCORM_SetPassed();
  • lmsAPI.SetReachedEnd();

And I have also used both methods for connecting the LMS : 

  • var lmsAPI = parent 
  • var lmsApi=[object Window]

None of these options work under HTML5.

Articulate, this is a real issue as almost all of our modules use this way of determining completion since counting slides is too simplistic, and not all modules have quizzes.  

This has been talked about in the forum for several years now.  It's pretty inexcusable that there is not a solution.  

Matt Leo

Hi Bart,

I saw your reply, so I thought I'd pop in to share our current workaround for courses that need to complete on a specific slide, but don't have a scored assessment. It's pretty basic, but has worked well for us in both Flash and HTML5 in recent months.

Here are the steps to how we use a "dummy" results slide for LMS completion.

  1. Create a blank results slide and keep it separate from your content slides. This is your dummy results slide and will never be seen by the users.
  2. Set the passing score to 0% in the Results Slide properties, and don't check any of your quiz activities.
  3. Then add a Submit Results trigger on the final slide of your course, or wherever you would like to send LMS completion.
  4. When publishing, track using the result slide.

In our experience, this will always track your Completed/Passed status when the user reaches the submit results trigger. The only issue is that it may send a meaningless 0% score to the LMS too.

I would still much rather use JavaScript to send completion and scoring information as we could in Storyline 2, but this workaround has done the trick for most of our Storyline 360 projects.

Hope it helps!

Martin S

Hi Matt,

I would add ourselves to your solution.
We used the very same method to fix the problem and it worked.

It still complexifies the production worklow and takes extra time to find and test the fix then apply it.

As Bart says, the problem is known since a long time and it's hard to understand why there is no solution yet.