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Apr 08, 2014


I have a couple of modules that have been created in storyline but I can't find the original files, I just have the SCORM 1.2 packages. Is there a way to check/change the SCORM settings in the settings files (Configuration.js, AICCFunctions.js..)?

I would like to check the publishing settings (completed/passed/failed/incomplete) and see wether it's the slide viewing or the quiz that's setting the status...

Does anyone know where and what to look for? Or if it's even possible...

Many thanks for your help!


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Stephane Muller

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply. I think I have narrowed down the problem some more.

The modules have actually been created with Articulate QuizMaker and they have an "exit" button which you need to click to close the window and save the results. Unfortunately, we changed platform recently and the button is no longer working. Do you have any idea what could cause such a thing? And how we can troubleshoot this?

Thanks for your input!


Stephane Muller

Brian, no, the browser exit button does not work (that's why the problem is such a pain). The score and status do not update on the LMS.

Ashley, I saw that page already but it doesn't apply to our case unfortunately.

We are currently working on another approach. We found a module that is quite similar and working and are trying to compare it with the ones that aren't. We'll see what we find.

Thanks for your input!

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