Shadows on Markers

Sep 26, 2021


I'm having a very odd experience here with some markers in Articulate Storyline. I've chosen the marker with a dot in the middle, and I'm trying to make this dot the same color as the background so that the marker just "blends in." I've removed the shadows from all of the markers, but it appears that 3/7 (blue yellow, and orange) are not actually being removed from the marker. I've attached the story as an example!

I should note that these three markers were direct copy/pastes of the original purple marker on the top. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Brenton!⭐️

Thanks for sharing your project, and I'd be happy to offer a suggestion!

We don't have an option to remove the shadow, but I was able to work a little magic with the custom color tool in Storyline 360. Here's what I did, and I've attached my revised file for you to keep.

I hope this helps!