Shape Fill with Picture Tiling Errors-Storyline

Oct 15, 2012

Hi all...I prefer loading pictures into a shape and then resizing the picture through the tiling option.  When I do this, no matter what I try, the tiling does not take, as in it does not do what I tell it to do.  

Sometime I have a mess on an shape fill with the picture way off in sizing and position, sometimes its off center, but it is never what I tell it to do.

Is this a known issue?

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Kara Jones

I am running into the similar issue. I inserted photos using format shape and then tiled them. In Story View, it looks great, but when I preview the slides, the inserted photo changes to a true tile and the image shows as tiny and repeated. I'm attaching an example.

I also have photos that I have inserted using format shape that completely disappear when I look at them in Preview.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Nancy Woinoski

So Kara, not sure what is going on with the tile image in this project but I do have a workaround for you.  If you right click on the shape that contains the image you can save it as a picture. Once you have done this you can import the picture and use it instead of the shape. It will preview and publish properly.

Kara Jones

Nancy - no wonder they call you a super hero! Thanks!

I've attached the image of the woman just in case.

I will use your workaround. The workaround I was using was to capture the screen in Storyline using SnagIt (since it looks fine there), save it as a png in the SnagIt editor, and then insert it onto a blank slide in Storyline. There was a tiny loss of quality, but nothing actually noticeable.

Nancy Woinoski

So Kara, how did you create this image ( i.e., remove the background?)  It seems like there is something funny with your images. At first I thought that it was because it was a .gif so tried using another .gif file to see if I could recreate the issue but mine worked fine. Then I thought maybe it was because the size of your file was so large so I tried cropping it to remove most of the body but it did not make a difference.

Then I thought that the transparent background on your image was causing a problem but I created one by removing the background using PowerPoint and it also worked fine.

Kara Jones

Nancy, I'm not sure what's going on. I didn't create the image I sent you, so I don't have any details to provide. It was purchased from a local photographer. I just tested another image from a different vendor (this one's a png - I uploaded it in case you're curious) and I got the same results - it looks good until I preview it.

Why the other images - which are jpgs - don't even show up in preview on the third slide of the excerpt I sent you is also still a mystery. There must be something I'm doing wrong, but I'm not sure what. I originally created the design in PPT and all the images look normal there.

I have a little over a week to complete this course, so I'm going to use the workarounds for now.

Thank you for taking the time to work on this problem!

Nancy Woinoski

The Transparent Example.png works fine on my machine so now I am wondering if it has something to do with your machine setup. Storyline works best when Windows is set to 96 PDI.  Here is a link to an article on how to change DPI settings.

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