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Jun 28, 2017


I am working with Storyline 2, Update 11.

If I have a hotspot there is the property "Show Hand Cursor on Hover". With this I can hide the hand.

I need this property in an other contruct.

I have a shape and on it the trigger "show layer ... when the user click".

I don't want that the learner see the hand if he hover over the shape.

Is there a property/workaround to hide the hand?

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Daniela Grau

I create trainings for software.

And we have really often the following situation:

The user has two possibilities/alternaties:
a) Klick to a line to focus the line. Click then to a button to open the focued line.
b) Doubleclick to the same line to open a case.

That means that you have one element with two different actions.

Additional to a):
- The screen has to change after click - the focued line is in an other colour.
--> for that I use the state
- You can only use the button, if the line is focued.
--> for that I use a state

In the way I have build it, the processes are correct for:
- Flash

But the hand is not nice.

If you have a better idea, it would be helpful.

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