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Dec 05, 2019

Hi all

I have developed e-learning in Storyline 2. I have published for web and provided the e-learning to my customer on a flash drive. (They do not want to grant me access to their SharePoint, to publish directly.)

The SharePoint administrator added a folder on their SharePoint and unzipped the Zipfiles and saved it.

It is working, however there is the following errors:

- Some links to documents saved on their SharePoint is not working.

- When you add a learner's named to pull through with variables it does not pull through on all pages.

- The e-learning stops after a certain number of slides and the learner cannot progress further.

- Some buttons is not working, next etc.


What should I do?





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Judy Nollet

Hi, Adriaan,

I have dealt with the issue of broken document links. In my case, the problem was due to document files being attached to the course, instead of linked.

When you publish a Storyline file with attached documents, those files are put in the "external_files" folder, which is within the "story_content" folder. Some SharePoint sites automatically rename the "external_files" folder. I believe that's done when SharePoint uses that name for its own purposes. But that means the course can't find the documents, because the path name doesn't match anymore.

One way to fix that would be to have the client place the files on their SharePoint site, and give you those URLs. Then you could program the course to link to those files instead of attaching them.

Or are your broken links already trying to access the client's SharePoint site? Alas, if that's the case, I don't have any suggestions.

As for the other issues: Do they happen consistently, i.e., the issue occurs every time for every user? Do they happen only in certain browsers? 

I've seen users sometimes get stuck at certain points in a course. In fact, I've had that happen to me when testing a course on my hard drive. My best guess is that HTML5 simply can't deal with multiple commands that cross each other. In other words, it can happen when a user is clicking through an interaction so fast that one trigger can't finish before the next one starts -- and so HTML5 just gives up. IMHO.

One other thing to consider: Does the client have other Storyline courses that work on their SharePoint site? Although courses will usually play on SharePoint, it isn't really meant to act as a web server. Some SharePoint and/or browser settings might be interfering with the course.

Good luck!

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