Short answer questions in 360

Jul 24, 2019

Hi Folks!  I am in the process of creating a course and added a question bank with 5 short answer questions. I also added a second question bank with multiple choice and T/F questions.  In the results slide, I only selected the questions from the second question bank to grade.     

Which trigger should I use to have the ability to run a report to show me the answers end users typed as a response to the questions in the first question bank?

I currently have the previous and next triggers selected but I know that I need an algorithm to store each users typed answer. 


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Jerry Beaucaire

Have you confirmed with your LMS support?  I would be shocked to find an LMS that allowed you to have essay questions in courses in their database and there not be SOME reporting/exporting method that gives you access to the answers.

We us SAP LITMOS and we have to export the SCORM content and read it in Excel, cumbersome but at least doable.

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