Short answer response with an apostrophe

Nov 24, 2014

I'm creating grammar lessons where students enter punctuation. The apostrophe lessons always say incorrect. 

How can I enter an apostrophe that will match with the apostrophe the student will enter?


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Kathy Smith

I'm in Storyline 2. I don't know what fullstop means. Is it the period at the end of the sentence? That's necessary for the assignment. It is omitted from the question, but the problem is with the user entry not matching an acceptable response.

I entered "Our account was credited with two months' interest." as an acceptable response. I also tried using html code for the apostrophe (both straight and curly) and a character code for the curling apostrophe as acceptable responses.

None of these worked.

Fabien Peigné


J'ai réalisé la mise à jour storyline 2 update 5. Cela a corrigé les problèmes des réponses courtes qui contiennent des apostrophes (super).

Mais depuis aujourd'hui, le problème est apparu à nouveau et cela sans modification du fichier. C'est vraiment très bizarre comme bug. Est-ce que quelqu'un peut confirmer le problème ?

Fabien Peigné

Bonjour Ashley,

Il semble que ce ne soit pas un problème de fichier mais plutôt au niveau du type de publication.

Le même fichier publié pour tous les types de supports en flash et html5 se comporte différent.

C'est Ok pour la publication PC, mais le résultat est négatif lorsque je test sur IPAD.

Si cela peut vous faire avancer


Natasha Bomba

Hello. Has there been a resolution to this. Similar to the above, the issue is after publishing and testing for our LMS, the apostrophe in the french course is not recognized and the answer is listed as incorrect. In preview mode, the answer works fine. I'm on SL 360. For confidentiality reasons, I cannot share my files with your team. 

Natasha Bomba

Thanks @Lauren. Just as an FYI, I thought it might have to do with the Fr apostrophe being slightly different on the keyboard (we test via En keyboard setup) so I changed the player back to En, added a variable with the apostrophe from the En keyboard, switched the player back to Fr. Didn't work :( 

Due to timelines, I had to get creative with our Fr course and give them the part of the answer that contained the apostrophe. Looking forward to a resolution in case it happens in the future. 

Katie Riggio

Greetings, Natasha. Thank you so much for this additional insight!

We can appreciate confidentiality and are happy to sign an NDA if that works for you and your team. Just let us know! In the meantime, I'll do my best to help you get to the bottom of this without seeing the file.

After some digging, we fixed some quizzing issues in Storyline 360's HTML5 output, such as scores that were sometimes miscalculated when retrying question bank quizzes and text-entry questions that were marked incorrect when answers had apostrophes.

This fix was released in Update 13. I'm confident you're on a recent update, but I want to be sure! Also, have you tried testing in another LMS environment like SCORM Cloud to see if the incorrect answer issue happens there? This will tell us if the issue is related to Storyline or the LMS' output.

I'll be here!

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