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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Stephanie,

Are you wanting to show this on a custom slide and simply show what objects they got correct, or just display what objects they dropped on a target? 

You could probably do this with some states and variables. 

Do you have something set up already? I'd be happy to take a look at the .STORY file and see if I can give some suggestions.


Stephanie  McClellan

Hi Christine!

I'm just starting to create the drag and drop - so don't have a lot to show. I wanted to be sure that what I'm trying to do is possible before I create it.

Essentially, the learner is creating a list of things they want to incorporate in their "to do" list.  They will drag and drop the elements important to them onto a clip board.  They will be doing this type of selecting throughout the module.  I'd like to be able to show them a complete list of their choices at the end of the module .  Make sense?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Stephanie,

Ahh - I see. So you want to pull in responses from multiple Drag-and-Drop interactions, correct?

You can definitely do this, it's just a matter of how time consuming this may be for you and just how many you want to show/how many they have to choose from. 

You could probably do this with a few variables and states, as I mentioned earlier. But I think the key here is how you want to display it. For example, I see maybe sections on the slide that show what the user chose from each list, but you may envision this differently.

Michael Hinze

Stephanie, here is a quick sample of how this might work, see attached file and here is the published version. Each of the two drag-and-drop interactions I set up for this sample, uses the Drop Correct states for each item to set a variable. In the summary screen, I use these variables and custom states to highlight the choices. I'm sure your solution will be completely different, but it may give you some ideas on how to get started.