Show/Hide Resources?

Is there a way to show/hide resources in Storyline??  If not, I'm open to ideas to accomplish the needed effect...

Here's the setup:

1. I've got a course that contains 9 different scenes.

2. In each scene, there is a document that is referenced and built upon as the story moves along through each scene.

3. I need to make sure that only the document that's applicable to a scene (i.e. scene 5 should only show doc 5) is available to view.  

As it stands now, if I put all of the docs in the Resources tab, they can viewed at any time.  Can I show/hide them when needed?  If not, are there any other ways to make this happen?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide!!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ryan,

You'd only be able to hide the whole tab, not individual resources within the tab. Instead of using the Resource tab, you could make a set of Lightbox slides which would allow for a bit more control, based on states - say once they've accessed a link, it's disabled . Here is a blog post on how to set up a lightbox slide for your Resources. 

Jeff Robedee

Hi Leslie. This doesn't work for me. The custom slide properties only allow me to toggle built in features on or off. I initially wanted the Resources tab to populate with the documents throughout the course, but read this and found out the software is limited in that respect. My next idea was to use the lightbox as suggested in this thread, however, I am only able to enable/disable the links with variables and slide triggers....the custom item still displays in the upper right (or upper left if I selected that option). So there is no way to hide/show this it seems. 

Jonathan Vetter


So, since it's been 6 years since this original thread was started and Articulate still hasn't provided an option to show or hide documents in the Resources tab, I thought it might serve the community to reopen this thread--both to share our team's own workaround (which is labor-intensive and prone to causing future errors), as well as to remind Articulate that YOU GUYS REALLY SHOULD JUST MAKE IT POSSIBLE TO SHOW OR HIDE DOCUMENTS THAT ARE PERMANENTLY EMBEDDED IN THE COURSE RESOURCES (since the resources tab seems to be the only way to permanently embed files in an articulate course--either Storyline OR Presenter).

The Situation

We have hidden 'Clues' throughout some of our courses as part of a game for the participants.  They need to be able to print out these clues once they find them in the course, which means we need to attach a .pdf or .png of the 'Clue' slide so that they can easily do that without printing the whole classic player, browser window, etc.  Since they're supposed to be hidden, we can't include them in the Resources (because we have other non-hidden resources there that they need to be able to access at any time).

The Workaround

The alternative for embedding hidden files in Storyline is relatively simple compared to Presenter Studio: We hyperlink to a file as described in THIS ARTICLE.  Hyperlinking the file is pretty simple, BUT there's a big caveat, and that is that the course will only publish with the correct file linked as long as your file structure and computer environment don't change.  In other words, if I move that file later, or if years down the road a different employee needs to update the course and is working on a different system, they will have to remember to RE-choose that file in the hyperlink, otherwise the user will get a 404 type error when they click the link.

The alternative in Presenter Studio is much more cumbersome and has to be performed EVERY TIME that you republish the course--not just when you change computer environments: In this case, you add a hyperlink 'to a file', but instead of actually choosing a file, you specify the sub-directory in the future SCORM package where you will later add the file: e.g. "presentation_content\external_files\YOURFILE.pdf".  Then, after you publish, don't zip the files yet.  First, open up the 'presentation_content' folder and add your 'external_files' folder containing 'YOURFILE.pdf'.  Then you zip the main enclosing folder and you have your finished SCORM package that you can test in scorm cloud.

...This last solution seems to be working, but it sure is annoying having to re-insert the files every time.  Granted, the advantage of the Presenter solution is that once I have that link specified, I don't have to change it again as long as I re-add the file in the same place each time with the same name.

Anyone else have any better / easier solutions?

Gillian Blair

As Jonathan stated, this thread seems to have fallen of the radar. I'm looking for help on a similiar issue.

A client has requested that a document become available in the resource section only after the course is completed but ideally, they do want it available when revisiting the slides later. Meaning, if the learner comes back to the course, the resource section is open and available.

Seems like an easy ask but I've not been able to make this happen with just the standard functionality. Do I need to get into variables and triggers? Do they even work for a resource page?




Jeff Robedee

Hi Gillian:

I know you're looking for a better built-in option, but I have done something similar in the past using lightbox.

What I did was create a separate scene with my lightbox files available on separate slides. Next, I put a button on each slide with a trigger to lightbox a slide and adjusted the lightbox options as the user progressed through the training. My icon was a, "briefcase", and filled with the applicable documents as the user progressed through the course. So, once the user reached a certain point in the course, the button would allow access to the entire suite of files/documents. 


I'm not sure if that solves your issue, but that was a workaround I used.