Show Layer if Hotspot Not Clicked After Two Attempts

I have been going through the documentation/help articles but I can't seem to find out how to have a layer appear of the user doesn't click on the hot spot after two attempts. I have the quiz set to advance after three tries, and I would like to give them a hint so that they can continue taking the course.

Additionally, I would like them to not receive the quiz points if they get the hint, or on the third try. Is this possible?


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Nikki -- Would you like to share a file if you have one started so we can check things out and members of the community can offer some design ideas or suggestions? And if you would like to increase the base of exposure for your question, you are also welcome to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum to see what tips or tricks those folks might suggest. :)

Michael Shannon

I've had to do some workarounds like this too Nikki. Maybe this will spark some ideas.

So if you don't want the learner to get credit for a third attempt then on your second attempt you could send them to another layer that is a duplicate of your quiz objects. To the learner it appears the same but it will only be objects/text but not the quiz interactivity of the base layer. You can then provide them with whatever feedback you want, hints, etc. 

To get them there you create a number variable  with a default of 0. Then put a trigger on the "try again" layer that adds 1 to the variable when the timeline of the "try again" layer starts. Then put another trigger on that same layer that sends them to the dupe layer mentioned above when the timeline starts and the number variable is greater than 2. 

Hope this makes sense and provides some possibilities for your project.