Show text in a video at certain time in the video

Hi all,

What I am trying to achieve, is showing an object when the video reaches a certain point.

The video doesn't start from the beginning of the time line, but from 6 seconds onwards. Then, I want to show certain lines of text (5 in total) which each should appear at X time of the video. This works out fine when dragging the text box to X seconds in the timeline. But the problem is that I also want to "show video controls". And if you skip to another point in the video, the lines of text aren't shown at the correct point in the video any more. It's set to the timeline, not a time in the video.


How would I achieve this? I have SL2.

Do I have to work with cue points? I tried adding the text on a separate layer, and adding a trigger to show that layer when timeline reaches cue point 1 (see the screenshot), but that also didn't work if you skip through the video.

Is there an option to show a layer when video reaches cue point 1?


EDIT: I just found this thread: Seems like it's not possible to do so, unless I would hide the video controls?

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Sara Swier

Thanks for your reply, Christie.

Yes, I tried adding triggers, but that didn't work as there is no 'When video reaches...'  option, or at least; I was unable to find it. I tried several things (see the screenshot in my original post):

  • Show the layer - [text layer]  When Timeline reaches Cue point 1 (I added a cue point on the timeline)
  • Change state of- [text object] To state Normal - When Timeline reaches 16 seconds (Original state is hidden)


But all this doesn't work when the Video Controls are shown and you pause or forward the video. The Cue point and Time refers to the slide timeline, not to the video time. That's where I get stuck :(

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks so much for your response and for the additional details! Could you maybe share your file so that I can check things out a bit more closely for you? Please use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box in the thread itself, and you should be able to browse/upload your file from there. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks again for your patience while I checked out your file. I believe I have a better idea of how you could accomplish what you are hoping to achieve. Please check out the suggestions and ideas offered in this thread as well as this one and let me know if those ideas will do the trick for you (or if we need to keep digging) 

Walt Hamilton


There really is no way to keep track of where a video is if you let the user drag its timeline.

The only possibility is that you could let them pause it. Put a trigger to bring up a layer with nothing on it that is set to pause the base timeline. Set it to hide whenever it is clicked on.
That will allow the user to pause it,  and your timing will be correct.

Dragging it around is going to work only if the video starts with the slide and uses the slide timeline. You could put it on a new slide that starts when the 6 seconds expires, or the user clicks, or whatever triggers it to start. Then the slide timeline can be used instead of the video timeline.

Sara Swier

Thanks Walt, I feared as much.

I changed the video to start with the slide. But still the objects don't appear on the correct time in the video when I drag or pause the video. They appear with the timeline.

I guess I have to give up on this, and turn off the Video controls :(