Show the next layer when the user presses a key

I have set up a slide with six layers. I want to show all the six layers in a sequence from 1 tot 6 when the user presses the space key. To make this, I have inserted a trigger on the base layer to branch te user to layer 1 when he presses the space key. On layer 1 I have inserted a trigger to branch the user to layer 2 when he presses the space key and so on. This works out, but when the user is on layer 2 and he presses the space key, he will be branched to layer 1 again instead of layer 3. I already checked my triggers, but I think they are all correct. Does anyone see the problem? You can find the file in the attachment. Thanks!

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Michael Hinze

The Keypress trigger on the baselayer interfered with the ones on the various layers. I added a variable that signifies if a layer is active. The keypress trigger on the baselayer is only executed if that variable is false (meaning no layer is currently shown). Hope that's what you wanted.