Showing Seek Bar on a lightbox slide

Jan 30, 2013

Hi everyone,

I did a quick search and didn't find anything addressing this questio:

Are you able to show the seek bar on a light box slide?

I have a number of video clips that I am showing by way of several light box slides. I'd like to show the seek bar so users can rewind and watch the video again if they like. But when I select the seekbar in the slide properties, it doesn't show up when the slide is playing. Instead it's just showing a grey bar along the bottom. It's also not showing the volume control button which is selected on the global player properties.

If I can't show the seek bar and volume, I'd like to just get rid of that grey bar at least.

Any ideas?

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Carie Whitehead

I am wishing there was a seekbar on the lightboxed slide for a completely different reason. I submitted a feature request already, but here's the use case. I have a quiz that is used to enhance learning, more than to "test". They need to pass it, but have unlimited attempts. On each individual question, there are 2 attempts. For the Try Again feedback, there is a hyperlink / trigger to lightbox the slide that contained the answer. This way they can re-watch that slide and find the correct answer for themselves. The problem is that this course is narrated and some slides are multiple minutes long (not my design, I inherited this course). If I lightbox the slide, the learner cannot fast forward or rewind the timeline to hear the parts of the narration or see the portion of the slide they need. this leaves me torn between lightboxing and just linking back to the slide and then letting the learner navigate back to the quiz question  on their own. Both have their downfalls. The video controls don;t help for this use case, though.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Carie!

Thank you so much for sharing this use case with us! I've also created a feature request report and linked this discussion to continue tracking the impact of this feature. I'll be sure to advocate on your behalf and update you in this discussion!

Thank you for taking the time to share this request with us!

Kristen Llobrera

I also wish there was a way to include a seekbar in lightboxes. It seems to me that this would necessary for 508 compliance. Being able to add controls for a video is an easy workaround, but what if you have a slide with audio? Users should be able to control volume and skip forward, backward, etc.