Shuffling shapes at start timeline (for multiple answer dragdrop)

Aug 13, 2014

Hi everyone,

I just made a multiple answer drag and drop question and it works perfectly, thanks to some tips I read on this forum. My question has 6 shapes and 6 drop boxes.

The question is made as a T/F where T is selected when the objects are changed to states 'drop correct' and F is selected if one of the objects is changed to states 'drop incorrect'. (you'll get the picture)

All I want now is to shuffle the six shapes at the start of my timeline.

How can I make this happen?

Many thanks in advance.

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Michel Koster

Hi Ashley,

I made the question as a "Pick one" free form. (works the same as T/F), so I don't have the shuffling options as you would normally have in the drag and drop question types.

I made it like this because each shape has three correct drop targets instead of one.

Attached the .story file

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michel,

The pick one does have the option for shuffling, but it obviously would only shuffle the pick one question choices. There isn't a built in way to shuffle your custom drag and drops, but it may be something the community could assist with in terms of solutions or ideas. You may want to also look into the Building Better Courses forum where there are more design ideas posted.

Brad Pepin

There is a configurable option for Question slide types for shuffling "Answers". My Question slide I think is a Drag and Drop, converted using "Freeform," (...but I'm not 100% sure about that!) There are Drag Items and Drop Targets, not Answers or what I perceive to be an equivalent to "Answers". How can I randomize my Drag Items when the slide is played, or at least get them in a not-quite-so-obvious sequence as how I created each item originally? I've tried shuffling them in my timeline to at least get a non-sequential order, but that has no effect.

Brad Pepin

Thanks for sharing this insight, Michael!  I so appreciate experts like you who are active in the Community! I tested what you said about "same location" defeating randomization by unchecking the "Reveal drag items one at a time" option (and quickly spreading the Drag Items around on my slide). Confirmed: it is exactly as you said.  I have submitted a Feature Request to Articulate suggesting a configuration option that "shuffles" (randomizes) the Drag Items when "Reveal drag items one at a time" is selected.

I do see that the sequence of the Drag Items CAN be manipulated, as I was attempting to do as a concession by re-sequencing their order in the slide timeline. The ellipse next to the "Reveal drag items one at a time" option opens a pop-up interface where the author can re-sequence. Not randomization, but better than nothing!One-at-a-Time Drag Item Sequencing Interface

Thanks, again! 

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