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I am wondering if anyone has tips for creating a simple timer in Storyline. I want users to click it when they begin a quick tasks and to click it again when they end to be able to time themselves. Any pointers/examples would be much appreciated! I found one thread on here with an example but I can't seem to get that one to work.

Thank you in advance -


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katye,

Building a timer could prove to be a bit complicated. It might help to look around and see if there are any free examples shared by other community members. Variables along with some design and slide options may help with what you'd like to accomplish. 

Here are some discussions and examples that may help:

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Free Storyline file: pre-built, user-defined timer - E-Learning Heroes (not quite the same - but still pretty cool)

If you'd like help with creating a custom timer, it may help to reach out to other community members in our Building Better Courses section.

Also, a number of users have discussed increase functionality in the forums, so if you'd like to see something specific in the itmers please feel free to share your thoughts in the form of a feature request.