Simulation try mode issues with text entry requirements

May 20, 2019

I did a screen recording simulation in try mode. I need to have users enter text into the field to progress in the course, but mine has it play as a media and auto fills the result. I never recorded a simulation like this until recently. I did some tutorials and video research and saw that this should be able to occur and is even automatically generated with the screen recording, I cannot get it to work. 

When the simulation was generated it has a "play media" interaction verses an "enter text" option. What am I doing wrong so that that does no occur? I then tried the freeform slide option but I was having major issues getting it to work properly with the simulation slide automatic formats. I think I can eventually get it to work with the freeform work around option, but that takes more time, and it is just going to bug me that the ways that I am seeing others do it are not working for me. 

Here is a recording to see the issue that I am having:


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Taylor Anderson

I just did a quick simulation recording in try mode with a simple interaction in google search and it worked fine and pre-loaded the text entry requirement for users. I am not sure now if maybe it is because of the website I was using that did not interact well with the recording simulation software. I have done multiple recordings for a simulation with the website in my course and have the same issue with the text entry not being present. 

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what you are running into with your screen recordings, Taylor.

I'm curious what browser are you using to record? If you're recording a web app, we recommend using Internet Explorer. It sends the richest data to the Windows Accessibility API, so Storyline knows what to record. Firefox also works well. Google Chrome reports little information, so caption details will be missing and some steps could be omitted entirely.

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