Size matters: Have I reached the limit?

Jul 16, 2012

Working on the physically largest module yet. The .story file is now over 160mb and contains over 400 questions (broken up into 20 sections). The file will now neither Preview nor Publish. Upon Preview, I get this after it has gone through all the slides:

Has anyone dealt with files this large? Trying to either debug a problem, or decide if I need a bigger/faster computer. This computer has a 2.4ghz Intel CPU and 6gb of RAM.

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Diane Elkins

I had a similar problem with a course that had a lot of video and was therefore very large.  I found that it was intermittent, so I just lived with it.  It did not seem to affect publising. 

Here's a link to a thread on the same issue, although it has more to do with publishing.

Russell Still

In my case it isn't intermittent. And it won't publish, either. Complains of a missing file. I forgot which one and the publishes take a good long time, but I'll make a note of the filename on my next publish attempt.

It does appear to be size related. If I remove one of the large scenes, it previews successfully. I'm now experimenting by removing scenes of different sizes. An excruciatingly slow process, but hopefully it will let me identify the limit.

Has anyone else bumped into upper limits that could not be exceeded?

Gerry Wasiluk

Hey, Russ! 

Okay, I got it to publish with no problems twice, once to my solid-state drive and once to my regular hard drive.  I didn't time the publishes, however.  The first publish was the longest.  Second time it just flew (caching?).

Have not looked at the content yet.  Am uploading to a web server and will PM you the URL shortly for you to review . . .

Russell Still

Yeah, that was what I got, too... Ugh! I've paid a guy several hundred dollars to do the data entry for the questions and I already have about 40 hours of development time in the project.

Bummer that it's crapping out just as I was getting close to completion.

Thanks very much for giving it a try, Gerry. This info helps as I try to pin down the bug.

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