Size matters: Have I reached the limit?

Jul 16, 2012

Working on the physically largest module yet. The .story file is now over 160mb and contains over 400 questions (broken up into 20 sections). The file will now neither Preview nor Publish. Upon Preview, I get this after it has gone through all the slides:

Has anyone dealt with files this large? Trying to either debug a problem, or decide if I need a bigger/faster computer. This computer has a 2.4ghz Intel CPU and 6gb of RAM.

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John Clark

I would be interested in any long term solution.  I have a large project (516Mb) and  have experienced the problem.  

In the missing story file problem - data.swf - an earlier response to this question in the community provided a short term solution.  Close Articule, do a restart and try publishing again.  This helps the flow of creative work of course....

I am also receiving the intermittent message - 'The project could not be saved. Your system appears to be low on memory. Please close any other programs and try again.' when saving. My mobile machine is a Dell Latitude 6530 with 256 Gb flash drive and 8Gb memory - diagnostics indicate plenty of spare capacity at that time.; no other applications running, etc.  I note that I do not experience this message when running the application on a slower and 'smaller' desktop but it appears on all laptops we have trialled. 

Am I correct in assuming that major projects in Articulate may need to be in sections - or is this simply a problem being experience "down under"/my ambition exceeding my competence?  Is there an upper limit for Articvulate files?

Thanks to all who contribute to these forums...

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