Skipping Drag and Drop question

Jan 24, 2023

I have created a course with 10 quiz questions. The client would like the user to be able to skip over the questions that they do not know how to answer. We used pick 1 and drag and drop freeform questions. I am able to use the submit trigger as well as a go to next slide trigger on submit button within the quiz questions for the pick 1 and it allows the user to skip the quiz question if need be, but that doesn't work for the drag and drop for some reason. Does anyone know why? Instead, I have had to remove the submit trigger from the drag and drop question and only use submit as a "next" button and then submit the quiz question later on the results slide. This does work ok when I test on SCORM cloud but it does not work when I test it on a different LMS. When I remove the drag and drop questions the course complete find on our other LMS, this is how I know the drag and drop questions are the issue. It seems strange, so I am really just trying to understand why it functions like this and why it works fine on the pick 1 question but not on the drag and drop question. Has anyone run into this before?

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Eric Santos

Hi Shawna,

Thanks for reaching out! I see that there could be an issue when putting the Jump to Next slide trigger in the Submit button, especially when the learner has not entered a response yet. Have you considered adding a custom Skip button with the Jump to Next slide trigger instead?

Custom Skip Button

I have attached my test Storyline project for your reference. Let me know if that will work for you!