SL 360 Audio not syncing in HTML5 output

Hello. I've encountered an issue that only started after I began publish SL 360 files to HTML5 (with Flash backup). I don't have audio on the first slide. The audio that is supposed to play at the beginning of the 2nd slide does not start until a few seconds later. There are multiple audio files on the slide, and the delay makes them overlap with each other, which throws the whole slide off. Sometimes the audio doesn't play at all. Either way, I have to hit the replay button to the right of the seekbar to start the slide over and get it to play correctly. 

The issues happens when I publish to Review, as well as the SCORM package in our LMS. It only seems to happen in Chrome. IE doesn't seem to have this issue, the audio syncs fine on the first try. Both browsers are opening the HTML5 version.

SL 360 v.3.48.24159.0

Chrome 88.0.4324.182

IE 11.1331.16299.0

I don't want to attach my .story file here, but would be happy to send it privately.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for reaching out! Since you're experiencing this in Review 360 and your LMS, I'd like to get our support engineers to take a look at your file for testing.

I've opened a case on your behalf and will email you a link where you can upload your .story file. Once our team is done reviewing it, they'll reach out with next steps!