SL 360 - Audio not working consistently on slide layers

I recently upgraded to Storyline 360 from SL2 and have been having some issues. Some of my audio on slide layers isn't playing after a quiz question is answered. I set up to play audio if feedback is correct or incorrect, but sometimes the audio doesn't play. The weird thing is that is won't play the first attempt, but if I move on to the next slide, then go back, it will play. I have the base and slide layers both set to "reset to initial state" which is the same as other quiz questions that are working. Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I'm unable to attach my source file since the information is proprietary.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Megan,

On your feedback layers do you have a trigger to "play media when the timeline starts of the slide layer"? If not, I'd try adding that trigger to force it to play vs. having the audio waveform appearing at the start of the layer timeline. 

Is this only an issue on some of your feedback layers, not all? Is there anything different between them? Some things to look for in terms of set up differences: 

  • are they all using the same feedback master slide? 
  • are the feedback layers generated by Storyline (by choosing to display feedback in the question settings) or did you set them up manually with triggers?
  • are the slide properties for the base slide and layers the same across all questions? 
  • are the audio files the same on all the questions? 
If you have some questions that are working, you could also look at duplicating them and editing the question/answers to reflect those that aren't working. 
Let me know if you need anything else! 
Jennifer Wilkinson

I came across this generally, not in a quiz.  It seems to happen on the first slide you play when opening the published Storyline.  So it may be the first slide, but can also be the slide you 'Resume' on when opening it up again.  The workaround I found was to indent the audio on EVERY slide and layer by .25 seconds.  I have seen other similar posts elsewhere on the community discussions.  Seems to be a timeline bug?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Jennifer and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

We do have an issue reported that may fit what you are experiencing, but there are certain factors that all have to be in play:

  • File upgraded from Storyline 2 to Storyline 360
  • Audio set to start when the timeline starts
  • Viewing the HTML5 output

If all of those were at play for you as well, then let me know and I'll get this added to the report.

The workaround you mention is the same one we recommend.

Sorry that you ran into this, but thanks for reaching out as we track user impact.