SL 360 HTML5 output problems on iPhones

Clients with iPhone (iOS 5 and 6, Safari) are reporting:

  • videos do not play (these are MP4 - should there be a backup in some other format?)
  • they want the browser location bar to go away.  When they try to maximize the browser using browser controls, a hand icon appears that lets them drag the browser banner up out of view but the hand icon never goes away - it stays on the screen and covers buttons in the demo and doesn't allow interactions.  Tapping the screen causes the demo to reload.
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Louise Falcon

Hi Ray,

Have you checked if the issue also happens for Android users or for iPads running Safari?

  • I guess only the iPhone users are experiencing this issue. The video dimensions probably exceeded the iPhone's capacity. Here is a Support article on how you can validate specs of iPhone models so you can match it by adjusting the dimensions of the embedded MP4.
  • Right now, there's no option to remove the browser's location bar while playing courses but you can always resize them to full screen viewing or disable other browser controls.

Try adjusting your project and video dimensions. You can also switch between responsive device orientations so you can set the orientation to fixed landscape/portrait so long as it fits the screen dimensions.

Visit this discussion on Changing Browser Settings and Player Size for more information.

Let me know if you need further help!