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May 09, 2012


Just in case others have been having a problem installing SL.  When I installed SL for the first time I recieved an  "Error: The application has failed to start because the side by side configuration is incorrect, please correct"  I was installing SL on my 2T D: drive as the C: drive is an SSD reserved for the OS. After a number of screenrs and emails to articulate support - I removed SL from the machine and from the registery (they have a small bat that removes SL from the registery and reinstalled it on C: Drive -  strange, but no crashes now.



This was a brand new PC with Win 7 64bit, 32Mb Ram, C: SSD D: 2T with Nvidia 3D card - all patched up and the lastest drivers

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Antoine Sample

I've gotten some crashes using SL during insert and Save As. Disabled all startup services not related to Windows. No help. Ran sfc/scannow from cmd prompt. No errors with system files. Disabled all Windows Explorer navigation pane features - this fixed the problem with the other applications that were having the same issue, but not with SL. Still crashing on insert. Problem seemed to start when I upgraded.

Running SL in the Programs x86 folder. Is it time to install in on the 64-bit side?

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Antoine.

In the screen recording you provided, I see that Windows sees the "SellerHello_0001.wav" file as having a length of 00:00:00.  Is it possible that you are working with a corrupt Audio file here, or are you seeing the problem across multiple, valid files?

I also note that you mention that other applications were having the same issue and that you resolved this problem by disabling Windows Explorer navigation pane features.  This feels like a larger issue than just Storyline to me.

In addition, I would encourage you to take a look at this Knowledge Base article for more information on unexpected behavior in Storyline.

Please let us know how you make out.  Thanks!

Antoine Sample

The file wasn't the issue. The problem started long before that file was created. I was subsequently able to insert and use that file. (It's just a recording of the word "Hello", so it is actually less than 1 second long, which would be the minimum measurable duration for the time stamp.)

I've stated in previous posts that I do beleive that it could be a windows issue. I love StoryLine, it has cut my production time by more than half, so I've no intention nit-picking the program. In fact, when everyone has said that reinstalling windows might be solution, I have refused (so much software on my machine, I can't take a week to rebuild it).

A co-worker of mine had a similar issue. She doesn't use SL. It went away with her Windows rebuild. We do share another piece of software in common, and it could be that software.

I only noticed this issue after the upgrade, and so I mentioned it. I'll keep working on it. There was more stability with the program yesterday. I have no explanation for why.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the support.

Antoine Sample

Turned out to be a virus. I followed several blog postings on this issue and came accross one that recommended several things. The easiest and least intrusive was using Malware Bytes virus detection (already running corp virus protection - didn't catch the issue).

After deleting the malicious files the issue dissappeared.

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