SL file totally destroyed

Feb 16, 2014

Have not seen this one for a while...

  • Working happily.
  • Exited.
  • Deleted Downloaded files and emptied Recycle Bin as part of standard weekly tidy-up.
  • Re-opened SL file.
  • Everything dead - no audio loading, no video, all images destroyed etc.
  • Tried importing into a new project - no change.
  • Reinstalled SL - no change.
  • Said some choice rude words, then started again and rebuilt from scratch......

Any theories on what could cause such a catastrophic failure?

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Paul Brennan

Ouch.  Is it just this one file, Bruce?  Other files open/function OK?

Right about now it feels like I should say something helpful like "Well, you'll have to roll back to the last backed up version", but invariably that's met with the response "Yeah. Thanks. Meant to do that yesterday but didn't bother because I was getting on with the build".

Feel free to PM something offensive and sarcastic if that helps   Fingers crossed you get to the bottom of it., Mr.G.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Bruce, 

Is it just this one file? There are the standard items (that I suspect you know) like working locally, closing other applications, etc. If you'd like to connect with our support engineers, they could help you collect the windows events logs to see if there was anything else we could determine from that. 

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