SL2/360 HTML5 Issues


I've been having a variety of glitches with HTML5 with a new course that I can't seem to figure out. I made a fun, choose-your-own adventure course in SL2, which I use a default since not a lot of people in my company have 360 yet, so it makes editing easier. Then when I export it, it works okay, even in HTML5 despite the small glitches here and there that are tolerable. However, there are three slider interactions in the course, and they don't work. Weird thing is that they work sometimes for me in HTML5 on Chrome, but never on IE, always local, sometimes on the LMS. My coworker, viewing it always on the LMS, can never get it to work in HTML5, always on Chrome. I can't seem to figure out why it's not working consistently. For her, it looks like you can hover over the slider, but clicking it doesn't register as a "click" are the hand changes back to a mouse as soon as you try to move it. 

So then I thought, "hey, maybe I should export it with 360 since there are probably more updates that resolved this." Then when I convert and export in 360, there's even MORE glitches in HTML5 than there were in SL2! Now, it freezes on the first slide just trying to hit the next button. We can't even view the rest of the course.

For now, I went back to the SL2 and modified the slider pages for the reviewers. In the meantime, I'm wondering if I need to completely change the activity to have no sliders, or if there's something I'm missing. Some bug or setting or some trick that I can do to get all this working properly in HTML5 since most people don't have flash on their work computers. Why would HTML5 be freezing on the first slide, on different browsers on and off servers and local networks, inconsistently? So many questions. 

Anyone have any experience in this? Anyone run into these problems and figure out a fix? I'd love to have it just stay in Flash, but since this course is a global, customer course, it's not like I can emails hundreds of other companies telling them to put flash on. 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Janine,

So sorry to hear you're running into these issues! Really strange that you hit more glitches in Storyline 360. 

Would you be able to share the original Storyline 2 file with our team? I'd like for us to test it in comparison to the same file upgraded to Storyline 360.

You can click here to send the file our way. And be sure to let me know your case number so I can follow along!

Janine Carbone

Submitted! (#01283431) I did more testing for the SL360 side of things, redoing Slide 2 thinking maybe the fade animations broke something. But then I still get the spinning wheel of death with the next button. I can use the menu to skip to a new slide, but even the next button there is broken and I get the wheel of death. It seems to be working locally, but not on the LMS, and sometimes it doesn't even work locally, especially on IE.

SL2 sliders in HTML5 work on my computer, flash is blocked, using Chrome. Still does not work on my coworker's computer, no flash and using Chrome. All through our LMS. Very inconsistent and confusing. Not sure if there's something on her computer making it break. Or if it's the LMS. Or if it's HTML5.