SL2: How do I keep the timeline running when a web site link is visited?

I have some web site links in the course that learners will visit to do research and gain knowledge.  When the link is visited the course timeline pauses.  How do I keep this from happening.  Learners need to earn "time in the course" when visiting the web links just like they do when "in" the course.  Thank you in advance.  

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Walt Hamilton

Here's something that may get you started. When the learner clicks the link, it shows a layer, which starts a js timer. When they close the other window, and click Return to course, it stops the timer, and returns the time spent away. Some caveats: If they visit the site again, the old time is replaced by the new time. I'm not sure what you want to do with the time once you get it, but it might not be easy to report it to an LMS as part of the time spent on the course.