SL2 Issue with Copying Slides and Scenes into New or Exising Projects

Jan 18, 2015

Hello. I have been testing this quite a bit over the weekend and have discovered that when I copy/paste a scene from an existing SL2 project into a new SL2 project, that audio does not copy over. Additionally, if you have a mouse cursor, it does copy over in the timeline, but does not show up when replaying. I have tested this with a few projects and it seems to be a consistent issue. Thinking that this has something to do with Windows, I then tried to import an existing project into a new SL2 project via the Import feature, and this time Audio did copy in, but the mouse cursor still does not play during replay. Am I doing something wrong here or is this a bug?

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david mckisick

I wish I could do that Ashley, but the content is proprietary and the customer would not allow it. I think the issue has to do with the size of the content being copied. You can really tell when you copy a large scene, you can tell it really puts your machine to work because it locks SL2 down for a while. Try copying a scene of 100+ slides containing multiple screen recordings. Unless you are running  off a super server, your machine will most likely be locked down for a while until all the content copies into virtual memory. It is during that process that I think some things are getting lost.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David, 

I don't operate off a super server, just my local drive as we recommend - but I regularly clear out files I've used for testing so that I have a lot of extra space if needed. Also, copying and pasting can cause odd behavior - so you'll want to use the import method as you indicated at the end, gave better results. 


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