SL2 Output Folder Name


Is it possible to have any control on the Publish output folder name?

In SL1 the folder name was "MyCourse output" and in SL2 it is now "MyCourse - Storyline output".

I have batch processess operated on my output folders and would like to use them without having to rename hundreds of folders.


By the way, SL2 Really (almost) rocks!

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Dominique D

I am afraid you did not understand the question. 

Whatever you put in those fields, Storyline 2 DOES add " - Stotyline output" at the end of the name you provide.

Storyline previous version DID add just "output" at the end of the name you provide.

So with Storyline previous version the output folder name was "MyCourse output"

Now with Storyline 2 the output folder name is "MyCourse - Storyline output"

Thanks for reading.

Dominique D

Emily Burnett said:

Hello Dominique,

Thanks for clarifying.

The folders will automatically add Storyline Output to the end of the name that you choose. Once the folder is created, you can change the name there.


of course, I know that. 

I just do not understand the reason of this change and would find far better to have the choice of this name.


freelancer 800

If I change the name of the output folder by removing '- Storyline output' part then the story.html inside the folder fails to load.

When I revert the name of the folder by adding '- Storyline output' then the story.html inside the folder works! Is this possible?

Please let me know how I can change the folder name without affecting any files inside it.

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Freelancer 800!  I tested this method of removing "- Storyline output" from my published output folder name, and I was able to get the course to load locally as well as after uploading it to a web server.

Can you tell me some more about where you're publishing your files?  Do you publish directly to your local C: drive?  Also, when you load the course, are you first placing it in its published environment (e.g. on the web, in an LMS)?  Lastly, what browser do you use to view your content?

Thanks for the additional info!