SL2 to SL3 drag & drop issue

Overall, I have very few issues in upgrading my SL2 courses, quizzes and games to SL3.

However, I did run into one issue where one of my D&D games no longer works when upgraded to SL3. It appears that the problem is with having a grouped object (marker and image) that is to be placed into the right location. If I ungroup the two, it seems to work.

But, I need someway to identify the medication in the pill containers. So any ideas as to fix or workaround will be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a shortened version of our Meds Admin game in SL2 format. You can test the SL2 version to see that is works, and then upgrade it to SL3 to see the problem.

I am very impressed with SL3 and really appreciate that Articulate released it so quickly. Thanks,


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Russ,

Thanks for sharing the file! I tested it myself and here's what I saw:

  • Dragging the grouped object (marker and shape) works
  • Trying to drop the grouped object doesn't recognize when I release the mouse
  • If I drag the object and click where I'd like to drop it, vs. just releasing the mouse that works.

This does appear to be a different behavior than Storyline 2 had, so I'll get this project file into the hands of our team to investigate as a possible software bug. 

I did notice that a grouped object that didn't include any markers continued to work as expected. Can you instruct users how to click to drop or change from markers while my team investigates? 

Glad to hear you're loving Storyline 3, and I'll keep you posted about the issue above. Here's some general information on how we tackle bugs too! 

Russ Sawchuk

Thanks for the feedback, Ashley. Yes, that is what I found. I have updated several dozen other SL2 games that have simple drag & drop without any issues.

I don't whether the "problem" is grouping two drag items, or whether grouping with a marker is the issue.

For now, I will just leave those two games published in SL 2 until we get more information.

Again, thanks for your response, and for StoryLine 3.


Russ Sawchuk

Hi Ashley,

I did some further investigation on this issue. Although clicking to drop will "deposit" the item, SL3 does NOT recognize / accept it as the correct answer. So this is not a viable alternative.

Doing some more checking, I think I isolated the problem - it is the Marker in SL3! In SL2, a Marker (alone or in a group) can be used as a drag and drop item; in SL3, it cannot - it does not drop and is not recognized.

In SL3, I can group several items and the drag and drop works fine (as long as it is not a Marker).

I don't know whether this is a bug or a design issue. I will let Articulate sort it out.