SL2 - Trying to make a % total score on quiz progress bar

I'm being asked to add a progress bar that shows the % test score as they go through questions ... is this possible?  I've be searching the threads here and am not finding anything.  Your help is greatly appreciated.



[this was the specific request]

Is there a way to show how many points you have earned after you complete each question or objective?  Possibly with a slider bar showing the total possible and current status?  Include total possible points as part of the introduction and explain what the impact of incorrect answers will be on the overall score.  What is the required passing score?

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Matthew Bibby

It is possible, but I think it might be confusing for the learner.

Normally a progress bar is used to show the percentage that has been completed, but in this case, you'd be using it to show the percentage that the learner has gotten right in relation to the number of questions that they could have gotten right.

As they progress through the quiz, both values would change and as a result, the progress bar wouldn't work in the way that progress bars normally do... creating confusion. 

If it was a case where the learner had to get a certain number of questions right before proceeding (e.g. there are 100 possible questions, once you get 10 correct you can proceed), then this might make sense.

But based on my understanding of the request, I think it would just be weird...

Hilary Trammell

Thanks Matthew...I think for this particular test it is too much as well.  I will talk to them in the a.m. and relay your thoughts as well.  This is my first test with a lot of programming and it has taken much longer than expected.  From what I saw progress bars have a lot of programming as well.