SL3 crashes when pasting images

Oct 16, 2019

I'm having an issue with copying images from PP into SL3. In the past, it worked great. Now it's turning the picture into an .emf file and then it hangs. I have to force SL3 to close via the Task Manager (clicking close doesn't work), and lose any unsaved work. 

What changed? I'm using the newest version of SL3 (Update 7: 3.7.20003.0) along with Office 2016 [(16.0.4849.1000) 32-bit]. This is new behavior this week.

How can I work around this issue? I'd prefer not to have to save each image built in PP as a .png and then import to SL as that substantially increases development time.

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Joyce Hensen

Thanks for testing it and confirming the .emf conversion when pasting from PP is universal. From SnagIt, I still get .jpg. The issue (crashing) is happening with large screen captures as well as tiny ones, but of course not for every single one pasted.
Importing the slides would work, but I'm in the process of updating an existing course with current graphics and working slide by slide. Being able to copy and paste directly would be so much easier than having to build it all again.

Lisa Anderson

Hi Joyce,

I'm so sorry you're having this issues, especially when it should seem like a simple thing to accomplish!

Recently, I had a similar issue with SL3 freezing (showing "SL is experiencing an error and needs to shutdown, send us comments about when this occurred), especially when either copying and pasting from PPT to SL an image, a text box, well, essentially anything. 

What I discovered were a couple of things, that may help you:

1. My clipboard was jammed with many things I had copied and pasted. I cleared it, and it helped tremendously. It saves up temp space on your computer, which adds up fast.

2. If the screen in SL3 I was copying to contained many large pixel images (.png, or .jpg), it seemed it would have a snafu trying to paste into the screen. Instead, (and it's kind of a drag, but it helped), I right click the image in PPT, and save as, .png  or .jpg (your preference) into an image file for the .story and then inserted it separately into SL. This seemed to help tremendously. 

Those two things helped me most, when doing what you are trying to do. I did't experience the .emf issue, so I don't have any input on that crash, but I did experience crashes relatively related to your situation.

Please post what worked for you, if you can. It might help others work through these quirky behaviors from SL.

Good Luck and Cheers!


Al Lauer

I'm experiencing the same annoying problem where SL3 intermittently stops responding when pasting an image or graphic from another application. Frankly, having someone on staff suggest that an uninstall, full reboot, and reinstall MIGHT fix the problem tells me they have no interest in finding the problem and fixing the situation... just pass it back to the customer. The correct response would be to turn it over to your engineers and let them find a cause/solution.  I'll submit a help ticket.

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