SL3 - display Caption 2 only after user has finished hovering over Caption 1

Aug 31, 2021

My project does not use the built-in navigation buttons (i.e. next, previous, etc).

Instead, my slides move when the user clicks/hovers on hotspots. 

I have 2 captions on my slide. 

Caption 1 has a hover trigger - when user hovers, another layer is displayed.

Caption 2 has a click trigger - when user clicks it moves onto the next slide.

I want Caption 2 to only display once the user has hovered over Caption 1.

How do I do that please?

Many thanks.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Meera,

You can't directly track whether someone clicks a hotspot, and you can't directly track hovering. It'd be simpler to add the triggers directly to the captions. 

Also, set the Initial state of caption 2 to Hidden. Then, on the layer revealed by caption 1, add a trigger that changes the state of caption 2 to Normal. Or you could even add that trigger to caption 1. 

BTW, if any of the users might access the course on a mobile device, they'll get stuck, because there's no "hovering" on phones and tablets. So I suggest you have them click caption 1 to access that layer.