SL360 course not 'timing out' on LMS

May 23, 2022

Hello - We have a SL360 course hosted on a 3rd party LMS. The LMS is designed to end any user session after 30 minutes of inactivity.  

Right now, we're getting users with 20 hours or more spent on a specific course (which is, in reality, only about 14 minutes long).  We've determined that if a user begins a course and leaves it paused in a browser, the user's LMS session will remain active - and will not time-out.

The first thing we did was to go into the scormdriver.js file to ensure the "FORCED_COMMIT_TIME" value is set to zero (which it is).  

I've tested the course in LMS Debug mode and can see that no Commit (or any other instruction) is taking place while the course is sitting idle in the browser.  

We've also tested on SCORM Cloud and are seeing the same issue.  The course stays live for hours and hours with no time-out.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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