SL360 Courses with Animation Causing Random Bars on Slides

One of our modules was updated from SL2 to SL360 recently. When viewing the module via an Apple device (iPAD or iPhone 6s - iOS 10.2), random bars are appearing on slides where there is textbox animation. 

This is only occurring when viewed on our LMS - Moodle. We do not experience this when viewing on SCORM cloud. 

See attachment for example of bars. 

Has anyone else experienced this sort of issue with their LMS? Any ideas for solutions would be much appreciated.

For Articulate team - reference case #00987205

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Thanks Tiffany for sharing a link to your case number as well - I do see that you were working with Eloisa on an issue about variable values and margins, but it doesn't see that was the same issue as you are sharing here. You mentioned it worked well in SCORM Cloud, have you been able to share that result with your Moodle team to help them track down any issues with the way it's being displayed in Moodle?

Tiffany Shogren

Hey Ashley - The random lines was a part of our initial testing, but Eloisa was unable to replicate it via Articulate's upload/review.

Our Moodle team has been unable to find a reasoning or fix for the issue. I'm posting here in hopes that I'm not the only one in the world experiencing this :)