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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sam, there is no find font option so I guess it is an all or none situation. Nor is there a place that shows all the fonts that you are using. The only way to figure this out right now is to use the translation export function to export the text to a Word document. You can then look through the doc to see what fonts are used.

@Ashley, what Sam is asking is if there is a way of locating an instance of a font on a slide or slides and then just replacing the font for those instances. The way you have implemented this new feature is that you have to replace all instances of the font. 

Sam Carter

I'm going to bump this up again. Not that Nancy's solution doesn't work, but FIND font in SL 360  is needed.

I just did a find/replace in SL 360 to replace a font on some unknown piece of text in a large course.  I had no idea where the text was among the many slides and layers. Seems like replacing Droid Sans with Open Sans shouldn't be much of an issue.

Unknown to us, the replacement font had a slightly larger kerning.  When the customer review process found the single piece of text that was using Droid Sans, the text had wrapped and fallen out of the bottom of the container. This took several hours to identify.

So this isn't a non-issue. SL 360 has a find/replace. When will SL 360 come up with a find font?


Brian Allen
Sam Clark

When will SL 360 come up with a find font?

Alternatively I would be ok with a find/replace feature that jumps to the font being replaced, allows you to replace it (seeing the result of the change), and then you can click Next to move on to the next instance of the font you're replacing. So basically a find/replace that walks thru the document as you're making replacements.

Cindy Shaver

Hi, Any updates on the Font find option? I too would find it very useful and time saving.

We sometimes have to change a font as it is no longer available, won't work with the course changes or the vendor that originally built the course used a font we need to replace.

Right now we either have to go slide by slide to find instances of the font or hire the vendor (where possible) to show us where it is used.

I like Brian Allen's idea of the find/replace option that jumps to the next instance of the font in the course, for us to view.


Cindy Shaver

Hi Wendy,

  We're just looking for a 'Find' option, not replace.  To have it show us the instances in the course file that used a specific font. Right now it automatically replaces a font without showing you where it was in the course. Makes it much harder to see/check the change and if it affects the text or look in any negative way.


Philip Roy

Just as a follow up to support my +1....I had a project recently where I only used 2 fonts. But when I looked at the 'replace fonts' window, I noticed the presents of Wingdings...a font I hadn't used. So I replaced the font across the project with the main font I was using...only to notice (unfortunately a day later, so I couldn't undo easily) that as a result, all my "tick" bullet points now looked terrible. I hadn't realised that Storyline had automatically used the Wingdings font to make those ticks. If I had of been able to find where the Wingdings font was in use (by "finding" an instance of it) I would have been able to stop myself before I messed up all my bullet points across an entire project :-)