SL360 for new Articulate User Groups

Feb 26, 2018

Like other new user groups, we have people who tried the 30 day demo in the past and now wish to attend our learning groups to actually use the product along with others. Because they tried the demo, they are no longer able to use SL360 except to buy the license. If they could be trained and demonstrate their new skills to their manager, it would be easier to receive funding to purchase a license. It seems that all of these new SL360 users groups are potentially very near future new customers for Articulate - great for your business development. Is Articulate willing to permit the 30 day demos to be re-issued? Articulate knows who the new user groups are. The user group leaders can vouch for their members requesting the product due to an upcoming training. A second possibility, can Articulate offer the product upgrade price to user group members even if they do not have an existing product? Thanks for reconsidering your policy.

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Kristin Jorgensen

Hi David!
Thanks for reaching out to us!

We're always happy to work with customers who need to do a fresh trial or revisit Articulate 360. I can't make a blanket offer because all situations are different, but we'd love to hear from your users who need help or want to request a fresh trial!  Please feel free to drop an email to, or refer your new users to reach out to us, and I am sure we can figure things out.

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