SL360: Random text is missing when overlaid on top of video in IE

May 01, 2020

I'm hoping someone can help me find a solution to a very random issue I'm experiencing with one of our courses: When viewing the course in Internet Explorer, some text boxes are randomly missing chunks of text- it almost looks like there is a box covering the letters. However, if I resize the browser window, the text magically reappears... 

We are using the modern player and the client's font is Museo Sans. I did find this older thread ( and tried their recommendations- toggled the modern text feature, turned it off completely, stopped the video before the end of the timeline- but nothing worked. The end of the thread says this issue was fixed in a 360 update for Chrome, but the client needs it working in IE as well. 

I really can't find any rhyme or reason as to why only a handful of text boxes have this problem- others that also appear over video look just fine. Any ideas on how to fix this are much appreciated! 

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lea,

Thanks for sharing that image and what you're experiencing! The bug you referred to in the other discussion was only related to Chrome, so it looks like you may be experiencing something different here.

I'm going to enlist our Support Engineers' help, so we can best troubleshoot what's happening behind the scenes here. Can you share your file to your unique upload link below so that we can test?

We'll get back to you as soon as possible with some questions or next steps!

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