Try Mode inserts blank screens for text entry screencast slides

Oct 18, 2022

Hi, all. A few months ago, I did several modules using screencasts in Try Mode for my organization's web-based application, and they worked beautifully. Now, when I insert screencasts in Try Mode, I get blank screens for all of the screens with text entry fields. "Click" screens work fine, and the Text Entry fields look great in View mode. But there is no "screenshot for my screenshot" on specifically Text Entry/Try Me screens--just the TextEntry object itself, and the hint captions.

I did find an old thread with a similar issue; in this thread Articulate recommended using Internet Explorer to record web-based screencasts.

Of course, I no longer have IE on my computer because it's not supported anymore; I'm using Edge (in IE mode), because that's required for this particular application. 

Is this a bug/issue, or is there something I'm missing? Or maybe there's a workaround I can use for this? On my last module, I inserted the View Mode slides in place of the Try Mode slides and added narration that said, "We'll enter this for you," but it's not ideal. 

Thanks in advance for help. I've attached the .story file that shows what a text entry screen looks like, as well as a "click" screen for comparison. (Nothing proprietary; screenshots are of our training environment). 

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Monica Moore

Oh, and I did find this article, which says Firefox is the best option. That's not an option for me with this application, so I'm definitely open to a workaround!

John Morgan

Hi Monica,

I'm sorry you're having an issue with text entry fields while using screencasts! It sounds like you experiencing a bug in the program where the text entry field is misplaced while screen recording. This bug has been reported and your voice is being added to the report. When there is new information available about the issue this conversation will be updated.

Thanks for reaching out!