Slide advancing after submitting a drag and drop submit interaction

Sep 13, 2021

Hey all,

I'm building an escape room game and part of the format involves lightboxing in questions when a user finds a clue. One of the interactions I made involves a drag and drop interaction. I build the interaction by converting a slide to free form, and for some reason, every time I do that it opens up the next slide instead of the feedback layer even though there's no triggers that connect to the new slide. I attached a picture of the slide set up, triggers, and the scenes which show those phantom connections. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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Marie Nelson

I definitely see the arrows, but there are no triggers that go to next either on the slide or on the feedback or slide masters. When I press the arrow, nothing comes up. I managed a work around by putting each question in a bank, then having a draw from bank slide for each one, but it's very janky and won't let the user click the continue button unless they press it multiple times as seen in this review file: I also attached the original storyline that has the advancing problems. 

Thank you for your response! 

Walt Hamilton

The problem with the original story is due to two conditions. First, the "Submit Drag and Drop when user clicks Submit" trigger is the first on the list of triggers when Submit is clicked. Therefore, it  does the whole submission thing before it does any of the other triggers. Then having submitted, it doesn't find any feedback layers, so it defaults to jumping to the next slide.You have renamed the Feedback layers so you can use your own feedback, and have written your own triggers to handle the error checking, which is all good, but those triggers are being skipped, and the names of the feedback layers aren't being recognized.

Since you have written all the triggers, and have triggers to show the feedback layers, I wonder if you need to use the built-in interaction.

Move the submit trigger to the bottom of the list, and everything may be well. If not, I would remove the freeform. You may have to add a few triggers to change the dropped items to Drop Correct/Incorrect state, but that's nothing compared to the work you've already done.