Slide Color Changes in Published Version of Multiple Response Question

I have three multiple response questions in my SL360 project. The slide background color is white. I'm using the modern player in black.

On two of the multiple response questions, the slide background changes from white to black in the published version.

Multiple Response Published

In preview, it's white.

Multiple Response Preview

I've re-built these questions three times and the behavior is the same. I cannot figure out what's wrong. I'd really appreciate some help and advice.



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Dan Epstein

Me, too, Ren. But there's still the issue of why that layout caused the problem in the first place. The background is not black on the master or this particular layout. And there's the fact that it looks fine in preview; it's only on publishing this problem crops up.

For now, I'm just going to avoid using the layout in question.

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Dan,

I understand wanting to know the culprit.

I took a look at the file you shared above and was able to find that the master slide on the Question layout is set to 100% transparency.

So that seems to be the culprit with the dark background coming through when publishing.

That being said, it is a reported bug because it should not be different from preview to publish. I've added this conversation to that report as we continue investigating.

I wanted to share some information on how we define bugs and how we tackle them when they occur.