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Hi Folks,

I am trying to work through the following and could use some help. Basically I want the module to do the following. I want a check box to appear on the menu once the user has finished a scene ( containing multiple slides). What I would like to do would be to use a variable to count. Each slide that is visited it adds "1" to the variable. When they finish the scene they would go back to the home page and see a green check next to "Module 1" as the variable would be equal to ... changing the state of the green check box indicating completion.  Additionally I would like to know if this would remain if the user were to exit and return to the module.

Thanks in advance.

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Michael Shannon

Hey Elliot. You're on the right track. Yes this works, however, you should not use the "visited" state to indicate that a scene was finished (I fell into this trap and it took a while to figure out why my clever solution wasn't so clever). So I created a "completed" state for those scenes that have been, well, completed.

Additionally, it may be possible for someone to view some of a scene but not complete it and then visit the menu (depending on how you have your menu set up--always accessible or not) if you only have "checked" and "unchecked" states it doesn't provide feedback to the user so it's necessary to have a third state (well, more than that but I'm simplifying), a "visited but not completed" state. 

And the answer to your question about persistence: in my experience it is. 

Elliot Pollard

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your insight. I am not sure we are on the same page in some aspects.  I dont want a forced order to the menu, this is the reason I am doing it this way. Say the menu has 5 tabs, Sections 1-5. each section has 5 slides. I want to assign a variable to each scene that basically says when "variable" is equal to 5 change the state of the green check to visible. That way the user can see which what they have completed in any order.

Does that make sense?


Joe Waddington

Rather than using a slide counter, I usually just use a true/false variable, and set it to flip at the end of the module.

Set Module 1 Complete to False at the start of the course. 

Set Module 1 Complete to true at the end of the module.

Then, set your checkmark to appear if Module 1 Complete is true.

It saves you from having to add the counting variable to each slide, or having to adjust the triggers if you add slides to the module later.

david mckisick

hello Elliot. Why not just create five T/F variables set to False. On the last slide of each module, add a trigger to set that module variable to True. On your "landing page" slide, the one where they will return after completing each module, have each checkmark on the screen but set the state to "hidden". Add triggers for each of the checkmarks to change their state to "normal" when each of the module variables = True. That should get you setup with that. Now, as far as people revisiting your training. When a person exits the course and returns to it, they will first see a popup asking them if they want to resume the course where they left it, or not. If they select NO, then the course will reset. What you can try to fix that issue is to open the Player window and click on the cog wheel icon. From that screen where it says, 'On restart", click the down arrow and select "always resume".

david mckisick

So what you need then is to ensure that they hit each slide of the module, in order. No problem. They can't get credit for completing a module until they have hit the last slide of each module, and they will not be able to use the menu to cheese out other than to navigate to the first slide (intro slide I assume) of each module. beyond that, there would be no way for them to get credit for completing a module until they have visited every slide.