Slide Layer objects displaying on base layer and duplicated on other slide layers


Attached is a slide that has 6 slide layers.  On each slide layer, I have a "X" in the upper left hand corner along with a message at the bottom indicating the learning should use the "X" to close the box.

For some reason, the "X" and text box are now showing as duplicates on each slide layer as well as the base layer.

I've checked all the slide layer properties to make sure everything that should be hidden is and checked the timeline to make sure everything shows up there correctly as well.

I am out of ideas on how to remove the duplicate and how to stop the "X" and "close" message from displaying on the base layer.

Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Kelly!

Are you seeing these duplicates in Edit mode? You'll want to be sure all of the boxes to the left of your layers are unchecked, so they will not appear and overlap each other while you are editing your slide. 

Also, I noticed that the triggers on each layer say, "Hide layer this layer when the user clicks Button 1 if audiocomplete is equal to true". However, I don't see a trigger to change audiocomplete from False to True. You may need to create a separate variable for each audio file, and add this trigger to each layer: "Adjust variable Audio1 to true when media completes Audio 1."

Kelly Gehrke

Thank you Alyssa - this solved the "duplicate" problem but now I have a new problem....  As the user clicks each button, I wanted the verbiage from the button above to remain visible on the screen.  I have checked the slide layer properties and do not have the "hide objects on base layer" checked.

Why is the text being hidden? it was not doing this earlier....

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Kelly!

The reason why the text on each layer is being hidden is because you have a trigger to hide the layer. If you'd like, I can help you tweak the triggers on your file to make it work like you want it to. Just want to first clarify exactly how you want it to work:

  • When the learner clicks the first radio button, they will see the text appear on the screen and also hear the audio narration that reads the text.
  • When the learner clicks the second radio button, they will see both the text from the first radio button and the text from the second radio button, and they will hear the audio narration that reads the text for the second radio button.

Does that look correct? 

Kelly Gehrke

Hi Ashley,

Thank you so much for your help on this. I did everything as instructed and its still not working. When I click the radio button I hear the audio but do not see the text even though I set the trigger as described....

I think I probably did something wrong with setting the "states" but it looked just like what you had in the video.  (Also, I could not open the file you sent with the video).

Wendy Farmer

Hi Kelly

all your text boxes are set to initial 'hidden' state in the states tab and there was no trigger to change them to normal.

I have added the trigger and made sure it is before the 'show layer' trigger. Also not sure what the trigger to change state of radio button is for, but if required any change state triggers need to be before the show layer trigger.

Kelly Gehrke

Hi Wendy,

I see what I did now - I was changing the state of the radio button to "normal" instead of the text box so I've fixed it.

You mentioned the "change state" triggers must be shown before the "show layer" triggers. I deleted all the triggers from this slide and re-added them with the change state triggers first. As soon as I go to put the show layer triggers in, they move to the top. The up/down arrows to move them below the change state triggers are greyed out - I cannot use them.

Hence this slide is still not working.