Slide Layers Panel has disappeared in Storyline view

Jun 11, 2012


Somehow the slide layers panel has disappeared from my storyline view. I've closed and restarted storyline, check the bottom pane for arrow triggers to turn it on and off again, and no luck. I've also searched forums and help topics about how to turn this back on. No luck.

Can someone please tell me how to turn this panel back on? I'm working on a big interactive slide and I can't access any of my layers without it.


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Sarah,  I really think this is a design flaw with Storyline, but there is no obvious button to reinstate the layers when they disappear like this. You have to place your cursor on the right edge of the application (it should change to a t type pointer) and then drag it back into place. It is very fussy so just keep trying until you get it.

Sarah Beales

That was the problem, thank you so much Nancy. I had to minimize the application and dig around on the outside of the application like you said, but once I did that, the double black arrow icon became visible for me to drag it back out.

Such a small thing causing such a headache!

And I am with Bruce, a grab tab would be an excellent addition.

Thanks you!

Kristin Shantz

Thank you Sarah for posting this question.  And big thanks to Jill & Nancy for their answers.  I came to the forums before I tried to look for anything in the Storyline menus this morning....and these answers are exactly why!  Found out the answer in less than 5 minutes!  Thanks so much Storyline community!