Slide master changes throw quiz items out of alignment

Dear Community,

Again Storyline and I have a dispute to settle. This time it's about changes in the slide master which subsequently throws quizzing items out of alignment.

I recently got hold of the new CI/CD for 2013 for our company. The changes are somewhat radical, I thus definitely had to apply the changes to our WBTs. Now, when I go and select "Reset" for quiz slides, the quizzing items get repositioned and are out of alignment. Here is a screenshot of the slide master:

and here follows a screenshot of what the actual quiz slide looks like, after hitting the "Reset" button on a slide to make it take over the changes:

Notice that the content box for the quiz items is much larger than the items, the individual items don't stretch to fill out the box. Resetting does not help, the items do not stretch. Most annoyingly, the "...that are capable of posing a risk..." (first quiz item in screenshot) is not selectable, so I cannot even manually resize it.

Is there a way around having to recreate the faulty slides from scratch to get the new theme applied...?

Thanks in advance for any constructive input.

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Joël Brandes

Ok, I uploaded a screencast to Youtube to visualize the issue and submitted a case.¨

Again, the steps to reproduce:

  1. Apply slight changes to elements on a master slide, e.g. change position or size of elements
  2. Chose to "reset" the layout of a slide which bases on the just changed master slide
  3. Quizzing items will jump out of alignment to a varying degree
  4. Undo the operation (Undo or Ctrl-Z)
  5. "Reset" the slide again
  6. Elements will reorder correctly according to the slide master

In the video I basically start between 1. and 2.; I already edited the slide master, but did not chose to reset the slide. I show the differences between the slide (image vertically centered) and the master slide (image top aligned) before I set off with the layout resetting.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Frances! I took a look at the case referenced above and no workaround was provided. A custom solution based on the customers file was provided. The text box that you see is just a 'placeholder' and the layout overrides how the text is handled, so it had to be manually adjusted for the look that the customer expected.

You can attach your .story file here for us to have a look at or if you would like to have support look at your file, you can submit it here.