Slide Master layers and triggers not transferring to slides?

Feb 28, 2013

I think that I might be a little confused on something.  I've created a slide master that has navigation items, different layers, and triggers that connect them.  When you click on the navigation items it loads up the appropriate corresponding  layer.  That's all good.

However, when I insert a new slide and select this master slide none of the layers and triggers transfer over.  When I preview they're there and work, but I'm not able to see the layers to edit the placeholder in the slide view. 

Is there something that I'm doing wrong or is this expected behavior? 

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Andrew Money

Thanks for the response, Phil.  What are the best practice/recommendations in this situation then? I have a slide that has a tabbed navigation down the side - press a tab a layer shows, nothing too complex, but there's 5 tabs/layers on one slide.  I'll have to reproduce this same slide at least 48 times so by what you're saying, I'll have to make a new slide with layers and triggers and copy it 48 times.  If something has to change on one slide down the road, I'll have to make the change to all of them right?

Is there an easier or more practical approach to that?

Thanks again for your help. I'm learning Storyline as much as possible, I want to make sure that this project is setup correctly from the beginning.

Andrew Money

That sounds promising - so setup a Slide Master and in that put a feedback layer?

or do I setup a Slide Master and a separate feedback layer and then in the project insert slide master and then feedback layer and then reproduce the Slide Master/Feedback Layer 48 times?

Sorry, I just got confused.  And can a Slide Master interact with a feedback layer?  I'm guessing that no matter what I'll have to hookup the triggers all manually, right?

Thanks again!

Phil Mayor

I would setup  the slide master seperate to the feedback layer, then create your slide and add the feedback master to your slide.  so you do create 48 feedback layers, but if you have a set number on a slide, create i slide then duplicate that, problem may be that the buttons may need to be created on your slide to load the slide master

This will reduce the work needed if either the master or feedback master need changing,

Andrew Money

I think that I'm following you now - I've just about been banging my head against the keyboard for a couple of days on this only to find out that it won't work the way that I was thinking.

I've followed your advice and here's where I'm at.

I have a Slide Master that has tabs and navigation built on it.  Press a tab a layer appears - but it seems that when I apply this layout to a slide, it doesn't transfer the layers and triggers to it.  Which based on you said, is the correct behavior.  The navigation works when I preview as expected.

Now, I've created 1 of the 5 Feedback layers that I'll have per the 5 navigation tabs on the slide and setup a few things on it.

I start a new slide, apply the Slide Master layout and insert a new layer.  On this layer, I apply the Feedback layer.  I don't see how to then tie this to the navigation.  

How do I click on a tab in the slide and make this feedback layer show?

Down the road we might want to change the styling of the tabs on the navigation or add more, just trying to setup a good foundation so it makes updates and additions easier down the road.

Thanks again for your help - you're really helping unlock this frustrating mystery.

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