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Feb 24, 2016


we are currently evaluating Articulate Storyline for use in our web-based trainings. I have a issue regarding the creation of master slides:

I created a master slide and I tried to apply format settings:

  • Alignment of text (left, right, justify) worked perfectly.
  • Text appearance (font, bold) worked perfectly.
  • Paragraph settings (line spacing, spacing before and after) did not work! After applying the settings they get instantly reverted. Is this a bug or a setting which is currently not supported in the master slides?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Patrick!

As you can see here, we have different options. The forums have a wealth of knowledge, very savvy users, and are fully staffed to best assist you. If we cannot assist you (or perhaps you cannot share your file publicly), you may be guided to a support case for assistance. We all have the capability to test/verify and will file appropriately internally if needed.

In short, what you shared was perfectly fine :)

Soren J Birch

With the release of Storyline 3 (360) consistent paragraph formatting on the master slides still seems to be forgotten. I have a project where I need the paragraph setting to be 12 pts after each paragraph as per our style guide. But no matter how many times I adjust the paragraph setting for my master slide, it resets back to 0 pts. So manually adjusting paragraphs of 140 slides by hand.

What's QAs take on this so far?

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Soren! Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the confusion; Storyline 360 and Storyline 3 are actually not one in the same. Storyline 360 is a part of Articulate 360, where you have access to a ton of other apps, content, and training. Also because SL360 is a subscription, we’re able to release new features faster. Storyline 3, which is to be released in 2017, is the next standalone version of Storyline. And just in case you're interested, here's a comparison of Storyline 360 versus perpetual versions of Storyline. 

Going back to the paragraph spacing issue you described, can you confirm that you're on the latest update? If so and you're still able to replicate the issue, I'd like to take a closer look at your file. You can share it here by clicking the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Soren J Birch

Hi Alyssa, I realized I didn't run with the last update - after having updated, I can change the Paragraph settings of my Masterslide Paragraph Spacing before to 12 pt, but on revisiting, the application has changed it to the odd number of 18.33 pts. So not really working as intended, seems that for me it is broken in a new way.

I can add a 200mb file to this site?

Simon Buehring

It seems that Articulate is way too slow fixing these bugs. Storyline 360 is supposed to support right to left languages. Well it doesn't. I have a Storyline 360 file (v3.6.11979.0) which was created in English and then exported as a translation file. The file was translated and then imported back into Storyline. None of the text is formatted right to left. I try to edit the slide master to all the text boxes are right to left but it never saves is as right to left. One other strange thing is that the heading on the main slide master always seems to default to Lato Black font, even if I try changing it to Arial, it always goes back to Lato Black.

I have a course with over 300 slides with maybe 100 layers as well. On average there's about 3 blocks of text on each, all of them in Arabic. It seems the only way I can format this is by manually setting every paragraph setting on every text box on every slide to Right to Left. That is ludicrous!

Massively disappointed that you haven't got this sorted when people have raised this over a year ago. 

I have added an attachment so you can see the problem.

Is there a workaround? When will this be fixed? 

Crystal Horn

Hi Simon.  I appreciate your thoughtful post.  

I’m sorry that we let you down with right-to-left (RTL) formatting on the master slide.  I can’t imagine how tedious it must be to adjust those text boxes on every slide.

The good news is that our QA team was already aware of this issue of the RTL setting not applying across the project.  I’m going to add your notes to their documentation so that they can better understand the impact it has on you.

I’ll have a look at the font reverting to Lato Black as well.

Storyline 360 has been on a rapid update schedule since launch, and we’ve already made lots of improvements and feature additions.  Hopefully we can get this issue resolved for you, too!  I’ll update this discussion if I have any new information to share.

Crystal Horn

Simon, I looked at your file for the Lato Black font issue.  Thanks for including that.

In the Design tab, I created a new custom theme font with Arial as the heading font.  I then had to apply that custom theme font in the Slide Master view to the master layout.

It respected the change to Arial from the Lato Black, which was the originally designated theme font on the slide master.

Can you have a look at your modified file that I'm attaching?  Let me know if you are getting different behavior or if I'm misunderstanding you!

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