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Jul 21, 2014


Is there a way change the slide numbering to match the order the slides are viewed? 5.5 should be 5.10, 5.6 should be 5.4, etc.

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Meryem M


The reason that you are having difficulty drag/dropping to renumber your slides is that they are already connected with next-button triggers. It appears that those triggers are over-riding the drag/drop.

I was able to renumber all of your slides in scene 5 by deleting the Jump to Slide triggers. Then the slides renumbered nicely by dragging and dropping.

I'm not sure why renumbering the slides is important. You can arrange the slides any way you want in the menu.

Meryem M

You can turn off the numbering in the Menu. In the Player, choose Menu, then the Gear icon. Uncheck the option to number the items.

Oh, please keep your next button triggers! What I was saying is that if you remove them (temporarily) you can renumber your slides by dragging in Story View. Then you could reinsert the triggers.. But, the only reason to need the renumbering is a desire for order in the project. The learner will never know the number if you turn it off in the Player.

Heather Wolfe Hall

I have a similar issue in that I've moved slides around successfully, but when I print the Word version (my Storyboard), they print in the numbered order...not in the usage (story view) order.  My Next triggers are all correctly linked, and they all appear correctly in story view...but the numbers are still it prints out of order.  Is breaking all the existing links and then relinking everything in the project the only way to resolve this?

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