Slide Properties/Custom for Selected Slides

Feb 22, 2023

When will the fix be pushed for the issue with selected slide properties? If I change it to selected slides and then check the items I want to appear, it always populates or adds additional items when I go back to it. If I choose to remove the seek bar option and just leave the menu checked on certain slides when I view in preview mode or review Storyline has automatically added "notes" in this instance, but this happens all the time and is aggravating.  Thanks!

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Eric Santos

Hi Brenda,

I'm sorry to hear you're hitting this snag! Have you tried changing the slide properties of multiple slides in Story View instead of the Scenes panel? Here's a quick look at what I mean:

Changing slide properties of multiple slides

You can select multiple slides in Story view by selecting the first slide with the left mouse button, then select the succeeding slides by using CTRL + Mouse Left button.

Let me know if that helps!

Eric Santos

Hi Brenda,

Good day! I'd like to dig deeper into what you're experiencing and confirm if it is a bug in the product. Would you be willing to record your screen for me to capture the behavior on your end? You can use any tool you like or try one of the Articulate apps in the article below. Then reply to this post with the link to the video if it's online or upload the video file privately in a support case:

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To protect your privacy, we'll delete your screencast when we're done reviewing your case. Thank you!